Visual Modeling

By using visual models, specifications and designs are easier to read and understand. A correct made visual model based on a standardized modeling language minimizes the risk for missunderstandings within a Project.

Modeling Languages

Experts in BPMN and UML

We are experts in Business Process Modeling Notation Language (BPMN) for business modeling and Unified Modeling Language (UML) for system and software modeling.
We know how to adapt and use those language for almost all kind of modeling.

Modeling Tools

Customize and Deploy

We can help you in customize your modeling tool with profiles, plugins and integration to other tools in your environment.
We are experts in tools such as IBM Rational Software Architect, Sparx Enterprise Architect and Papyrus UML

Knowledge Transfer

Elevate your organization

We can develop modeling guidelines for how to use your modeling language and tool.
We can provide training, workshops and mentoring services in modeling language and modeling tool usage